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According To Agent, Brett Favre Has Not Talked To Arizona Cardinals

Now that the NFL has begun actual regular football talk, what type of offseason would it be if we did not talk about Brett Favre? Let's make it official, we now can bring him up. In fact, this time it is in connection (or actually in disconnection) with the Arizona Cardinals.

The first rumor came up recently that Favre would be interested in unretiring to be Michael Vick's backup with the Philadelphia Eagles

Now, Favre's agent, Bus Cook, has come out to make it clear that Favre has not been speaking with teams. 

"Brett Favre retired in January. He has not talked to any teams, including Carolina Panthers, Philadelphia Eagles, the Arizona Cardinals and the Seattle Seahawks," said Cook to The Clarion-Ledger. "He has not talked to anyone about playing football. He's retired, period."

Now, I don't actually think this would ever happen, and I don't really think Favre will come back this year, but we know he loves attention. And, honestly, the world of the NFL is better with Favre actively in it. 

So, Cardinals fans, embrace it. Favre Watch is sort of on again. And, for a moment, his presence is shining over sunny Arizona. The truth is, Arizona is home to a lot of old guys. He'd fit right in...and sadly he would immediately improve the AZ quarterback situation.