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Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie Sounds Open To The Idea Of Being Traded To Philadelphia

The rumors will continue to fly until Kevin Kolb is finally traded to a team besides the Philadelphia Eagles. Most NFL insiders are reporting that Kolb will be headed to Arizona and that Cardinals cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie (and possibly picks) will be sent the other way. 

Yesterday, DRC was on a local Philadelphia radio station discussing the notion that he could be sent there in a deal for Kevin Kolb. The interview with 610 WIP in Philly was more of an introduction for DRC to the local fans than anything else and it included questions about what he has heard in terms of trade rumors. 

Hit the jump to hear some of DRC's responses and his thoughts on possibly becoming a member of the Philadelphia Eagles.

Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie is a great cover corner in the NFL and the Philadelphia Eagles may be looking to add him to create a premiere secondary with Pro Bowler Asanta Samuel. DRC even said as much when asked by the sports talk radio hosts what the appeal of coming to Philadelphia would be. Throughout all of his nonpartisan speech, he did admit he would enjoy playing alongside some of the current Eagles.

"You got DeSean Jackson over there, Asante Samuel, you got a few players over there and to be around them, watching them and see some of them every Sunday and getting to be a part of that team, that would be a good thing," Cromartie said. 

DRC did manage to stay neutral with the snobby radio goons, but to me, it sounded a bit like he might already have his bags packed. The deal just makes too much sense given the needs of both teams and the pieces are considered by many to be comparable in value.

Rodgers-Cromartie also said this, "But you know, I was drafted by the Cardinals so that's where I really started at. But if they're talking about trading me, I can't do nothing about that because it's a business."

He doesn't want to burn any bridges just in case the rumors are false, but he knows that his tenure as a member of the Cardinals is in jeopardy. 

One minute after this piece has been published, Ken Whisenhunt and Rod Graves might already be calling up Philadelphia, which could be the end of the Rodgers-Cromartie era in Arizona. It was nice knowin' ya DRC.  

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