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NFL Players Say 'Thank You' To Fans

We know the lockout was not very enjoyable. It was no fun for anyone involved. Fans got more than their dose of legal talk, players were stuck at home or working out without team supervision and owners had to worry about their bottom line. 

Now that the lockout is officially over and players are beginning to sign (at least the rookies are for now), the players have decided to work a little PR magic. Hit the jump for the video they have produced.

Even though it is not always the most genuine thing, the fans do recognize the fact that we, the fans, are the reason they have a job. 

Just like the canned statements and things of the like, it is always nice to get a thank you.

Now the best way all parties involved can say thanks is to give us a super year of great NFL football. Then, all will be forgiven and probably fogotten.