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Tavaris Jackson Reportedly Has Deal With Seattle Seahawks, Cardinals Gain Leverage

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A recent tweet from Dave Mahler in Seattle reveals that according to what he is hearing from sources, that quarterback Tavaris Jackson has agreed to terms on a contract with the Seattle Seahawks. This comes a few hours after it has been reported that 10-year starter Matt Hasselbeck will not be back.

For the Arizona Cardinals, this possible deal is helpful in a few ways.

First of all, in a potential trade for Kevin Kolb, it removes some of the leverage that the Philadelphia Eagles had. It takes one of the biggest possible suitor for Kolb's services off the table.

Secondly, it removes a suitor for Hasselbeck, who according to Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic, is one of four QBs that the Cardinals have on their radar. Hasselbeck is by no means a sure bet to come to the desert. The two teams considered to be the favorite for his services are the Tennessee Titans and the San Francisco 49ers

There is also an added benefit of having Tavaris Jackson sign with Seattle -- it would be that he is going to play for Seattle. The QB combo of Jackson and Charlie Whitehurst is not one that is likely to strike fear into any NFL team, nor would it do that for really and football team in the world. 

Hasselbeck is seeking a two-year deal, something that the Seahawks were unwilling to do.

With no QB deal announced, we can expect a little bit of drama for a couple of days before Arizona has their guy. Hopefully, it is the right guy, whoever that may be.