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Surprise, Surprise: No QB Deal Yet For Arizona Cardinals

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Much to everyone's surprise, the Arizona Cardinals still do not have their 2011 starting quarterback. According to the rumors that have been flying around, the Cardinals And Philadelphia Eagles already had an agreement in place since April. It turns out it was not so. And it makes sense.

Both teams want to get the best deal. 

For the Eagles, it means creating a market with multiple suitors, whether or not they exist. For the Cards, it means showing Philly they have other options (which they do).

The Cardinals seem like they are willing to part with Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie for Kevin Kolb, but to add a draft pick seems to be pricey for the Cards. 

Instead, according to Kent Somers, Arizona is looking at at least four options. They are talking with Philly about Kolb and they are also discussing Kyle Orton with the Denver Broncos. In free agency, they have contacted representatives for Matt Hasselbeck and Marc Bulger, both of whom know the NFC West well.

Hasselbeck is considered out in Seattle and is being pursued as well by the Tennessee Titans and the division rival San Francisco 49ers

Nothing is even close to being done yet. My guess is that we will not know for sure which quarterback the Cards land until Thursday. 

The one that is certain is that Derek Anderson will not be that guy