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Welcome To The Cardinals, Jeff King

While the front office of the Arizona Cardinals hasn't been as active at pursuing a QB and big names free agents as some fans would like, it does look like they are making some moves.

Via Adam Schefter:
"Cardinals reached agreement with former Panthers TE Jeff King, filling a need that Arizona had for a blocking TE."


What immediately pops out about Jeff King is that he isn't flashy. In 76 career appearances King has caught 112 passes for a total of 923 yards and 9 TD's, or basically 12 yards a game. But almost half of those passes were for 1st down (52) and his YPC is 8.0. While that isn't anything significant, it could mean an extra first down game. After watching last season, every single first down counts and even the small ones add up.

As Schefter indicated, King fills a blocking role. He comes from a team that has had a lot of success in the run game and hopefully he will help improve our run game. ESPN's Insiders scouting report states King as a TE with quality receiving skills but better as an inline blocker. It also states that while he isn't powerful at the point of attack, he uses his feet well and finishes blocks.

He should directly compete with Spach and Dray for a roster spot. After watching Dray's playing time increase towards the end of the season and Spach non-existent numbers it seems a forgone conclusion. That is of course unless we keep 4 TE's.

Though it's a small move, I think we can all agree that it feels dang good to have some Cardinals football to talk about!!!