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NFL Free Agent And Offseason Open Thread, 7/27

The first day of the free agent period was busy, but not with a massive amounts of signings. There were a few notable agreements. There was Paul Posluszny, Tavaris Jackson, Alex Smith and several of the big offensive linemen.

The Arizona Cardinals did not make a move with their quarterback situation, but added a tight end in Jeff King and agreed to bring back punter Ben Graham. There were also revelations that the team is going to make expected cuts in Derek Anderson and Gerald Hayes. Joey Porter is safe for now. 

What is due for today? Maybe we will have news about a new quarterback. There may be a need to acquire a new cornerback. The offensive line has not yet been addressed. Stay tuned as we get the info to you. Stick around to chat and debate with the rest of the community. 

It's almost like we forgot how good it is to discuss actual football moves. Have at it!