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NFL Free Agents: Ike Taylor No Longer An Option As DRC Replacement

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It is fairly well known now that is the Cardinals trade Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, they could be in the market for a veteran cornerback. Despite some reasons why it might not be a good idea, it was believed that Ike Taylor, who played under Ray Horton for the Pittsburgh, would be a possible target.

That will no longer be an option. Taylor agreed to re-up with the Steelers and will sign a four-year contract when it is allowed. This will affect what happens in the next couple of days if DRC is traded.

What will the Cards do if they do part with DRC? Well, there are still some very good corners available. Obviously number one on everyone's list is Nnamdi Asomugha, but he is going to command a contract that the Cardinals will not want to pay at that position. 

There is, though, a guy who is physical enough to play the style of defense Ray Horton will try to implement this year and skilled enough in coverage to make plays down the field -- Jonathan Joseph.

The best part, as he is somewhat of an underrated player, he will not break the bank and he is still reasonably young at age 27.

Personally, I find it relieving to know that we will not be stuck with another Pittsburgh castoff that disappoints. The last thing we want is another Bryant McFadden.