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NFL Free Agents: Scratch Todd Heap Off Of Your List

When it was announced Monday night that local product Todd Heap is going to be released by the Baltimore Ravens, many thought that he would be a possible target for the Arizona Cardinals. It was considered an option because of his Arizona upbringing, his being late in his career and because the Cardinals would not mind a guy like him to produce at his position and show new draft pick Robert Housler the ways of the NFL.

However, for those who were dreaming of this awesome scenario, it is time to wake up because it now will not happen.

The Cardinals agreed to sign Jeff King, a tight end known for his blocking, to a three-year contract, putting three tight ends under contract and establishing the depth chart for the 2011 season, barring injury.

In all honesty, as much as it would be cool to have Todd Heap, King is a much better signing and fit. In Robert Housler, the team has a pass-catching tight end. Jim Dray showed promise as well. King is the type of player that will block and can catch the ball, but will not stretch a defense. 

With King on the field, he improves the running game and will help the passing game as well. This is because he cues the defense to not know whether the play will be a run or a pass. 

Heap is no exceptional blocker, but brings a lot to the passing game with his hands and ability to make plays. Housler is already supposed to be that guy. 

Expect Heap to re-sign with Baltimore for less money. And then we can find some other wish of a local guy finding success on the Cardinals.