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Matt Hasselbeck Headed To Tennessee, Cards Down To 3 QB Options For Now

Matt Hasselbeck is leaving the NFC West after 10 years of starting with the Seattle Seahawks, as he has agreed to a multi-year deal with the Tennesee Titans. He will be their starter this year and probably in 2012, but is expected to show rookie Jake Locker the ropes.

With the announcement, the Arizona Cardinals lost one of their options at quarterback.

With Hasselbeck leaving, teams in the NFC West should breathe a little easier. He has shown he can win in that division for a long time, and his experience and play were key in a playoff victory last season against the New Orleans Saints.

Arizona is currently talking deal with the Philadelphia Eagles for QB Kevin Kolb and also with the Denver Broncos for Kyle Orton. The Cards are the favorite to land Kolb, but Philly is trying to drive the price up. 

As for Orton, it is believed that the Miami Dolphins are the favorites to land him. 

With more moves expected today, it should not be out of the question for Arizona to have their quarterback decision made today. 

Stay tuned. We will be on top of the news.