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Arizona Cardinals Seemingly Hitching Their Wagon Firmly To Kevin Kolb

The reports are out there. The deal is basically done. The Arizona Cardinals are going to acquire Kevin Kolb at some point this week. They are going to give up Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and a draft pick. They are also going to pay him a new contract that is going to include something in the range of $30 million guaranteed in guaranteed money.

This is all according to what reports say and what is speculated. I would have to guess that it will happen.

If indeed this happens, it would appear that Ken Whisenhunt is going all in with a quarterback that is pretty unproven. He has had great games and some below average games. But that's who Whiz is going to roll with.

This is a defining moment for him. Matt Leinart was a guy he inherited and was not a good fit for him as a coach. Kurt Warner emerged and established himself as a Hall of Fame QB. Whiz has a lot to do with that. Derek Anderson was not his first choice, as Marc Bulger seemed to be to bring in for 2010. 

Now he has the guy he has targeted. Kolb is going to be Ken Whisenhunt's quarterback.

We already know that he is polarizing for Cardinals fans, at least for now. In fact, some say he is no better or the same as Leinart. I will say this to that notion.

The knock on Leinart (aside from lack of arm strength) was his work ethic. Kolb does not have that issue. 

Kolb oozes confidence. He is a tireless worker. He commands respect from teammates and is well liked. Everything Leinart had as a rumored weakness Kolb does not lack. 

This is the guy Whisenhunt wants. Honestly, it is the guy I want. While I understand the uneasiness and especially the queasiness with the price tag, I buy in to the idea that he will be a solid starting quarterback and can lead Arizona to the playoffs. I know that many disagree and even do so vehemently. 

Hopefully he performs at a level that proves he is worth the high price it will have taken to acquire him.