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NFL Free Agents: No To Manny Lawson?

Probably number three or number four on the Arizona Cardinals' list of free agent needs is that of improving the pass rush and overall play at the outside linebacker position. Just recently we profiled Manny Lawson and Matt Roth as possibilities. Joey Porter's fate here in Arizona probably will be determined by whether or not the Cardinals can find another veteran.

Since Manny Lawson is a 3-4 linebacker, has played in the NFC West and apparently lives in the valley in the offseason, he has been connected to the Cardinals as a good fit.  

However, despite this seemingly obvious fit, it appears to be more of a connection like Donovan McNabb had -- one is fabricated. Arizona Republic Cardinals beat writer did some digging around and then tweeted this:

Did some further checking today on 49ers OLB Manny Lawson. Cardinals haven't expressed interest.less than a minute ago via TweetDeck Favorite Retweet Reply


Obviously a lot can change, and it is perfectly possible that the Cardinals figure he will not be a first week guy that gets signed. They may be sitting back to see who is left after the week to pick up guys at a better value. 

Or it could be that Lawson simply is not part of their plans. We will likely know in the next few days.