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Is Ken Whisenhunt Finally Changing The Offense To What We Thought It Would Be?

One of the biggest criticisms I had of the Arizona Cardinals in 2010 was the offensive playcalling. I think most of us believed that after Kurt Warner retired, the team would lean more towards a running based offense. When Ken Whisenhunt was signed, he gave us all the impression that he wanted to run the ball and play defense -- two things that have been lacking overall for the team.

However, after the 2010 mess, it appears that things may be changing a little.

They drafted another running back, giving the team likely four backs they will use in some way this year. They drafted a tight end who can catch and signed one that blocks very well and can catch. They let one of their wide receivers (Steve Breaston) go and decide to (probably) go with their young corp of receivers.

This tells me, at least initially, that we could see more running, more two wide receiver sets and a little less of the reliance on the passing game. 

I am for this. 

Even if they acquire (and it really looks like it will happen) Kevin Kolb, it would be a good way to protect him from the Kurt Warner expectations. With the QB play we saw for two and a half seasons (before 2010) it is going to be hard to be happy with any signal caller if the offense is trying to mirror the passing success of those years -- it just isn't smart.

Now the play of the offensive line will be key. Will they be able to run the ball and get to short third down plays? 

We will see. But for now, we might get to see the Whiz we thought we were going to see.