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NFL Free Agents: Alan Branch Heads To Seattle Seahawks

In the past couple of seasons, the Arizona Cardinals have lost their fair share of defensive players. Last season it was Bertrand Berry, Karlos Dansby and Antrel Rolle. This season it is Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and Alan Branch. Branch, seen mostly as a disappointment showed a lot of promise in his last season with the Cardinals.

Branch agreed to join the division rival Seattle Seahawks with a two year contract worth about $8 million, half of which is guaranteed.

It is an interesting move. He never showed in a 3-4 scheme that he was productive at the defensive tackle position, but played pretty well at end. Now in a 4-3 scheme, we will find out what position he will play. 

In losing Branch, the Cards lose an important depth player and they must fill the defensive line for backups. They have David Carter drafted and more recently Nick Eason signed, but no one is on the roster yet to back up Dan Williams

I have a feeling the Branch will turn into a solid player as a 4-3 tackle. Hopefully it will just not be great against the Cards twice a year.