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It's Official: These Cardinals Are Not 'The Same Old Cardinals'

Scott Howard, columnist for SB Nation Arizona, noted how the move to acquire Kevin Kolb was really nothing like the things the Cardinals have done in the past. He is completely right. Even though not everyone agrees with the deal and most believe the team gave up too much for Kolb, you have to look at the way the organization went about the situation. 

They targeted their favorite guy and went and got him. It was risky and could look like an awful deal. But if Kolb leads the team to the playoffs, there will be no one that thinks the Eagles got the best of the trade, even if Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie manages to somehow achieve his full potential

Would the Cardinals of the past have done this? No. They would have made a lowball offer that the Eagles woudl have declined and they would have ended up with Marc Bulger, Matt Moore or Billy Volek. And they would have had another bad season.

This gives me hope for the rest of the free agent period. I feel confident that the guys the team wants are really the guys they want and that they will do what they need to to acquire them. They have a plan in place. 

While you might not agree with the Kolb move, you have to be thrilled that the team is going after the guys they want.

That is something the "same old Cardinals" would never have done.