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NFL Lockout News: CBA Proposal To Be Presented To Players?

I know it seems that each day I post something that shows a little more optimism without any tangible progress in the labor negotiations that the NFL is having, but there is still a lockout going on. We know that talks were broken off for the holiday weekend, but there may be reason to get hopes up...maybe. writer Jim Trotter tweeted some information that I could not find elsewhere, but it is definitely something to pass along. 

NFL officials are drafting a CBA proposal to present to the players? Could Xmas come five months early?less than a minute ago via Twidroyd for Android Favorite Retweet Reply


Since it is written as a question, I am not exactly sure how to read this, but considering he put it out there, I imagine he has some sort of source. What does this mean? It could mean that on Tuesday the players will be presented the offer and will put it to a vote. It could be accepted or rejected. Ideally, the owners would not try some cheap offer to try and get a desperation acceptance.

Trotter asks for temperance and rejects overreaction in this tweet:

My belief: No1 should overreact. Smith must put it to a vote of the players, who might not like what they see. Or maybe they will. Patience.less than a minute ago via Twidroyd for Android Favorite Retweet Reply


So yes, I know, it is another somewhat meaningless lockout post. But since it is out there, it should be on here.