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NFL Free Agency: Meet Richard Marshall

With a need at Cornerback after trading Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie to the Eagles, the Cardinals have made a move and brought in former Carolina Panthers Cornerback Richard Marshall. Marshall has signed a one year contract and he will be in Flagstaff for Training Camp today but he can't do anything until August 4th.

Lets take a little look at who this guy is.

Marshall has spent his first five years in the NFL with the Panthers. Over his career, he has started 45 games where he has racked up 381 tackles, 14 Interceptions, 35 pass deflections, six fumble recoveries, five forced fumbles, and five sacks along with two Interception return Touchdowns. Over the last two seasons, he has started all 32 games and wound up with 176 tackles and seven Interceptions compared to the 94 tackles and nine Interceptions DRC has wound up with in his last two seasons.

Here is how he was described by Justin Burning over at SBN Arizona.

Marshall is a more physical corner, which would seem in line with new defensive coordinator Ray Horton’s MO. He’s only 5’11" but has done well for his size. Marshall comes with a reputation similar to last year’s secondary pickup, Kerry Rhodes: he is seen as very talented, and, while productive, has not performed up to potential.

In addition, he has had contract squabbles with the Panthers over the last couple of seasons that may have affected his play, though obviously that will not be a concern with the Cardinals since they signed him outright as a free agent, on a short-term basis.

It is expected that Marshall will compete with first-round choice Patrick Peterson and "veteran" Greg Toler for the starting role. However, it would seem the likely starting duo will be Peterson and Marshall, with Toler in the nickel slot, where he is probably a better fit. Marshall is certainly not Nnamdi Asomugha or Asante Samuel, but he is a solid pickup that will do a decent job of filling the hole left by the Kevin Kolb trade.

The SBN scouting report also lists him as:

A true playmaker: capable of delivering big hits, timely interceptions, and the occasional sack. Aggressive, with great hands and ball skills. A threat to take it all the way back when he picks off a pass. Very active and aware on the field.

The only flaw listed was that he was a little bit undersized.

Coach Whisenhunt had this to say.

"We had a need at the corner after having made the move to get the quarterback. We played against Richard a number of years. I've always respected the job that he's done, how physical he's played. He's made some plays against us."

"He's a good corner. He's a physical corner. Like I said, he's been productive and made some plays in the league. As far as where he fits in with our team, he's going to have a chance to compete. We have a lot of positions like that and that's what's hopefully going to make us better"

Darren Urban also posted a few comments about Marshall on his twitter account that all describe him as a good but not great player who is a good tackler, very physical, and that the change in scenery should be a benefit for him. It also sounds like he will be a good fit in Ray Horton's defense, the way he is described makes him sound like a more experienced version of Greg Toler. If you are interested in following him on Twitter as well, you can find Marshall @TheMarshall31 and welcome him to the birdgang.