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Arizona Cardinals Training Camp: Changing Numbers

When there are several dozens of players on the field in training camp, and especially with the game of football, the numbers on the jerseys make things so much easier to identify who are the players. It is also sometimes the only way to do it. There have been some number changes and numbers assigned to rookies.

Hit the jump for a rundown of numbers for the new draft picks, the new free agents and the ones that changed.

Jay Feely: Wore number four in 2010, will wear number three.

Early Doucet: He previously wore 80. He now will have number 85.

Adrian Wilson: He is number 24, but is wearing number nine in camp. I believe it was his high school number. 

Draft picks:

Patrick Peterson: No. 31.

Ryan Williams: No. 44

Robert Housler: No. 84

Sam Acho: No. 94

Anthony Sherman: No. 35

Quan Sturdivant: No. 54

David Carter: No. 79

DeMarco Sampson: No. 89

New free agent signings:

Kevin Kolb: No. 4

Chansi Stuckey: No. 17

Richard Marshall: No. 22

Daryn Colledge: No. 71

Jeff King: No. 87

Stewart Bradley: No. 97

Nick Eason: No. 98