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Ryan Williams Coming To Arizona, Cardinals To Have All Draft Picks Signed

On Saturday, the Arizona Cardinals came to terms with Patrick Peterson and Robert Housler, the team's first and third round draft picks. Previously, they signed the rest of their picks, except one. That left their second round pick, running back Ryan Williams, as the only pick left unsigned. 

It looks like that is going to change and all the Cardinals' draft selections will be practicing soon.

Kent Somers tweeted that Williams is flying from Virginia to Arizona Sunday morning. The plan is for the team and his agent to have gotten a deal done so he can sign it, take his physical and practice on Monday when the team has two practices.

Under the new CBA, only rookies are able to practice immediately after signing their contracts. All veterans who sign a new deal or extension must wait until this Thursday, August 4, to work out. This affects players like Kevin Kolb, Stewart Bradley and others. 

Getting Williams in the fold will be important to the running game. With Tim Hightower still unsigned, Beanie Wells and LaRod Stephens-Howling are the only two backs practicing that are expected to make the opening day roster. 

Being up here in Flagstaff until Wednesday, I hope to see him and see what he has to offer to the team, at least initially.