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Happy Independence Day From ROTB!

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Today we celebrate 235 years of freedom from foreign rule. Today we likely have the day off of work. Some of us are not at home (I'm at my in-laws' in southern Utah). MOst of us will participate in some sort of festivities, whether they family, friendly or municipal gatherings. Food and fireworks will be ever present.

Today we get to take a break from what we normally (in most cases) to celebrate our country. Our freedoms are what make our country different and special. Something else that sets our country apart? The NFL. 

The NFL is great here. Canadians had to change the game to get them to watch it. Football everywhere else in the world uses a round checkered ball and when they play they actually use their feet to move the ball. In Europe, they had the NFL, but couldn't support it. It is truly an American taste (like root beer, BBQ sauce and peanut butter).

If you get a chance to check in with the site today -- awesome! We still are expected to bring you content. But from all of us here, enjoy your independence.