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New ROTB Series: Introducing My Favorite And Least Favorite Arizona Cardinals

While we sit and wait on a new CBA with labor negotiations and the end of the NFL lockout, I had a new story series come to my mind. It will help you all get to know me a little more and ideally I can get to know you a little more. Over the next couple of weeks I will reveal you the order from 10 to one my favorite and least favorite players of the Arizona Cardinals. This will go back to about 1991, as that is when I really began to know of the Cardinals' existence. 

But first, I will give the list of players that are on those lists, but they will not be in the ranked order. What I hope you do is think of the same thing and comment or even write your own posts about it. And until you get my reasons, you can mock me or agree or disagree.

When dealing with my favorite Cardinals, it was a little hard to do. But I based it on (for past players) what happened after they left the team and whether I followed and rooted for them once they left. For current players it is based on how much I like them now and how likely I would follow them and root for them as a member of another team.

Here are my 10 least favorite Arizona Cardinals:


  1. Jim McMahon
  2. Dexter Manley
  3. Leonard Pope
  4. Seth Joyner
  5. Thomas Jones
  6. Jay Schroeder
  7. Antrel Rolle
  8. Simeon Rice
  9. Leonard Davis
  10. Duane Starks


Now for my 10 all-time favorite Cardinals:


  1. Kurt Warner
  2. Tom Tupa
  3. Jake Plummer
  4. Ricky Proehl
  5. Larry Fitzgerald
  6. Anquan Boldin
  7. Steve Breaston
  8. Aeneas Williams
  9. Adrian Wilson
  10. Tim McDonald


Go ahead and react and reflect. Comment, guess and even mock me. You will soon find out the way I ranked them for myself.