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NFL Free Agency: Would You Target Nnamdi Asomugha?

Thanks to hadrarius, I was made aware of the CBS Sports list of the top 50 free agents coming up after the lockout ends. As a way to keep content flowing and also start a new sort of series, I have taken from the list several names I think might be decent targets for the Arizona Cardinals this offseason, based on current or potential need at the position. The task for you is to debate and comment on it.

But, as always, let's keep it about the Cardinals and if another team is brought up somehow, let's not bother to address it because it isn't the Cardinals and we will choose to ignore other teams.

The first name is cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha.

Would you target the arguably best cornerback in the entire NFL? He is listed as the number one free agent this offseason. I put him on the list because the Cardinals potentially could have an opening at cornerback should one of their top three be packaged in some way to acquire a quarterback.

Scouts, Inc. says this about him:

Asomugha has been one of the more dominating cornerbacks in the NFL over the past five years. He has prototypical measurables for the position along with top-level speed, quickness and agility. He is quick footed in his pedal and effortless in his turn when he needs to bail and run with receivers deep. Asomugha can plant and drive on the ball in front of him with minimal wasted motion and will close on the ball with a good burst of speed. He has come a long way when it comes to route recognition and reading the quarterback's eyes to get a jump on the ball from off coverage and he shows good ball skills when competing for the pass. Asomugha is strong enough to press receivers or re-route them after the release. He gives the Raiders a shutdown corner who allows them to roll coverage to the other side.

Obviously, he is perhaps the best at his position in the league, so it would be great to have him on the team.

However, I would not target him, even if DRC, Toler or (heaven forbid) Patrick Peterson were traded.

Why? Mainly it is the cost.

The Cards have several holes to fill and the truth is that they have not had good success at free agent cornerbacks that start (Duane Starks and Bryant McFadden) for teams with good defenses. The Arizona defensive front seven should be of greater concern to start with if looking on the defense for free agents.

As for scheme, a guy of his talent would do just fine. He is elite.

But in the end, even if a corner were traded, I would target him based on value ad needs in other areas.

What is your take on this defensive stud? Could you imagine him opposite DRC? Asomugha never gets thrown at. DRC is no slouch in coverage, although he still has some improving to do. That would be a nightmare for QBs, but then again, between DRC, Toler and Peterson, that still could happen for a lot less money.