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7-5-11: Bird Droppings - Kolb Breakdown, Dockett's New Pet

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Good afternoon, hopefully you guys had a good Fourth of July. Today, we look at a breakdown of Kolb's strengths and weaknesses, Dockett's new pet, Tillman for the Hall of Fame, and a little update on how the Lockout could be ending soon.

Also, for those of you who just saw the verdict to the Casey Anthony trial, feel free to vent here.

Arizona Cardinals News:

An expert breaks down Kevin Kolb's strengths and weaknesses -
The Kevin Kolb to the Arizona Cardinals debate didn't take time off during the holiday weekend, in fact it raged on. While many ‘amateurs' -- ourselves included -- have tried to weigh the pros and cons of dealing for the Philadelphia Eagles second stringer, we've yet to hear any real experts assessment of his skills (that is unless you include Andy Reid trying to talk up his trade bait's value). On Tuesday, NFL Films Greg Cosell, a proclaimed quarterback expert, gave Yahoo Sports his thoughts on Kolb and what he's shown in his seven career starts.

Darnell Dockett's new pet -- it's not a puppy -
Darnell Dockett is an interesting guy. Whether he's tweeting about being pulled over by police or just his every day life, the Cardinals defensive lineman is nothing if not entertaining. But now, maybe, he's just bored.

An extension for Larry Fitzgerald is the Arizona Cardinals biggest need -
When the NFL lockout is lifted and the league has a truncated free agency period that closely resembles one of those scenes in a movie where dozens of women fight over one wedding dress, the Arizona Cardinals will have to heed my mother's advice. They'll have to figure out what is a need, and what is a want. Many will argue a linebacker who can put pressure on the quarterback is a need. Nope, it's a want. Offensive line? Closer to a need, but still not the most important thing on the list. Adding a quarterback falls in the need column but that isn't even the top priority. No, one and one thing only should be at the top of the need list is a contract extension for Larry Fitzgerald.

Word From the Birds Blog - While we wait ...
The Fourth of July has passed and that time when the lockout is creeping up on the season is coming fast. Talks are ongoing, and the hope still is that training camps won’t be delayed. Like everyone else, I am sitting back, waiting and hoping. In the meantime …

Arizona Cardinals Pat Tillman should be in the hall of fame -
Pat Tillman's time in the NFL may have been brief, but there is no denying that he had a lasting impact on the game. That impact came more for his actions on the field of battle rather than the field of play. Despite the length of his career, one former wide receiver is pushing for the former Cardinal to be elected into the hall of fame. Former Cincinnati Bengal turned NFL broadcaster Cris Collinsworth on Showtime's Inside the NFL made a plea to get Tillman inducted.

Whisenhunt enjoying trip to Middle East | National Football Post
Arizona Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt is enjoying his time in the Middle East on one of the annual trips the NFL sets up.

Collinsworth pushing to get Pat Tillman in pro football hall - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
The idea is always at the surface, has been since the story of an NFL star dying in an Afghanistan firefight captured America's attention, and strikes especially hard on this holiday weekend 10 years after the September 11 attacks. You remember Pat Tillman, the NFL star who sacrificed a dream career and millions of dollars for the front line of the fight against terrorism, driven by the kind of values the rest of us admire but can't always match. He died for it, killed by friendly fire and then disrespected by a government cover-up, so how could we not want to honor him as best we possibly can? Broadcaster and former NFL receiver Cris Collinsworth is leading the push to induct Tillman into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Dockett escapes gator trouble in Everglades, buys small croc named ‘Nino’ - Shutdown Corner - NFL Blog - Yahoo! Sports
Needless to say, Arizona Cardinals defensive lineman Darnell Dockett Darnell Dockett(notes) is having a very interesting offseason. Just days after a police stop Dockett detailed on Twitter, he found himself in the Florida Everglades, apparently getting a very good look at some gators down there. He first shared a shot of this big croc, informing his followers that "this mofo almost bit me!" But Dockett wasn't scared away from the alligator concept by that encounter — soon after that first tweet, he let us know that he found a new buddy.

Arizona Sports News:

Arizona Diamondbacks rally from 6-1 deficit, defeat Milwaukee Brewers
Diamondbacks center fielder Chris Young had said it before and he didn't mind saying it again: best comeback of the year. "I feel like every time we come back, I say that was the best one of the year," Young said after the Diamondbacks polished off an 8-6 win over the Milwaukee Brewers at Miller Park on Monday afternoon. "I really think this one was." Young might be right. Down five runs in a game in which the opposing pitcher hits a grand slam and you still manage to win? That's a win that could be hard to top. The win, impressive enough in its own right, becomes even more so when taken in context.

NFL News:

NFL talks: Lawyers in spotlight first two days - ESPN
Negotiations between the NFL and NFL players resume Tuesday in New York but the first two days are designated for work done by both sides' lawyers, primarily on the language of a potential agreement.

NFL lockout: Critical stage of talks to resume on Tuesday - ESPN
On Tuesday, the NFL's owners and players are scheduled to resume negotiations in New York as the sides try to come to an agreement to end the longest work stoppage in league history.

Silver: NFL, players "closer to an agreement than many people realize" | ProFootballTalk
As the optimism-pessimism rollercoaster continues to climb and fall only to climb and fall again, one of last week’s Debbie Downers has us all hearing the clickety-clack of the car that is approaching the top of the hill. Mike Silver of Yahoo! Sports, in an excellent but very long column that doesn’t mesh well with adult ADD, writes in the third paragraph that the league and the players are "closer to an agreement than many people realize." In fact, Silver says that a deal is closer "perhaps than even some of the people involved realize."

Retired NFL players file complaint against league and current players, say they are being excluded - ESPN
While NFL owners and players appear to be inching toward a resolution of the league's long lockout, a group of retired players is clamoring to be more involved in the discussions.