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Anquan Boldin, My 10th Favorite Arizona Cardinals Player

Moving on to my list of favorite Arizona Cardinals players, I start out with a guy who should have been higher -- receiver Anquan Boldin.

We all know that Boldin personified every on-field trait you want a player to have, literally from his debut.

He was passionate, powerful and feared. When he caught the ball, he wanted to make people hurt and was one of the hardest receivers to tackle. I remember so many games where he left everything on the field, despite terrible and embarrassing losses. 

The only thing keeping him from being higher on my list is how he soured on the organization and how he reacted to things. He sulked, rightly or wrongly so. I hate sulking.

On the other hand, they guy was tougher than anyone I have heard of. The hit he took against the Jets that led to having a plate in his face is the perfect example. The dude didn't even take painkillers. That is downright crazy -- in the craziest sense of the word.

His trade was bittersweet. I knew we could not pay him what he wanted, but he was such an important part of the team. I followed him all through his season in Baltimore and it made me sick that he did not make the plays he should have and normally would have in the playoffs, which ultimately were a big reason for the Ravens losing to the Steelers

But even beyond the small bitter taste in my mouth for his contract squabbles, he goes down as one of the best and one of my favorites.