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Keeping the Carousel Spinning: Bertrand Berry Gives His Thoughts On The Cardinals Quarterback Dilemma

Everyone has been giving their opinion on who the Arizona Cardinals should employ as their quarterback for next season. From the casual fan to retired professionals like Kurt Warner, everyone seems to have an idea as to what direction they think the organization should take.

This time, retired sack artist and former Cardinal, Bertrand Berry decided to weigh in with his own views. In an interview on Sports 620 KTAR, Berry told Gambo and Ash who he thinks should be the signal caller for Arizona once a new CBA is agreed upon.

The player he believes can make a difference may be a bit of a surprise, but it is plausible. Click the jump to see who he thinks the Cardinals should seek out as their next quarterback.

Although Vince Young has had his fair share of mental distractions, he has been a winner throughout his career. With a career record of 30-17, Young has shown he has the ability to flat out get the job done. Some of the main knocks against Kevin Kolb and Kyle Orton are that they may not be able to get wins here in Arizona due to their lack of experience and/or leadership skills, so they might not be worth the cost or time it would take to bring them in. Vince Young would presumably not have issues with any of this as he has been a starter in the league for a few years and he has led his team to many victories in that time frame.

B-Train had this to say to Gambo and Ash yesterday afternoon:

"The next team that lands him is going to get a very motivated guy that has a lot to prove. If he gets somebody who believes and trusts him, he can be a great quarterback. He presents a dual threat. His instincts are very good in the pocket. He would be an asset to any team that picked him up."

This is high praise coming from a guy that used to take down quarterbacks for a living.

Vince Young has given a plethora of problems to the Tennessee Titans club and he is going to be released sooner or later. No team will trade for his contract, as they know they can sign him to a much smaller deal once he inevitably let go.

I think I could actually get behind an idea like this. His mental issues do not concern me, as I have full confidence in Coach Ken Whisenhunt and the Cardinals staff. They have been able to contain other players that have had character issues and make them into players that can produce at a high level (I'm looking at you, Darnell...)

So what do you say Cards fans? This is not the first time we have heard an endorsement of Vince Young to Arizona and it probably won't be the last.

Should the Arizona Cardinals go after Vince Young?