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My 9th Least Favorite Arizona Cardinals Player, Thomas Jones

After revealing a seemingly irrational dislike for Jay Schroeder, in my series of favorite and least favorite Cardinals players, today brings one that most of you can relate to if you have followed the Cards for some time. Running back Thomas Jones is the next one up in my dislike list. 

Here is why:

After his being drafted number seven overall, he did absolutely nothing in Arizona. True, the Arizona offensive line was atrocious for years, but Michael Pittman managed to be at least serviceable. Jones wasn't even that. He was also quite immature and there were reported off-the-field issues.

Then, to top it off, he has this mystery broken hand that apparently happened while answering the phone. It was very shady exactly what happened. It seemed to me as if (granted, from the view I got from the local newspaper) he just didn't want to play here. 

I had a problem with that. 

He was sent packing and in Tampa Bay showed a little promise, but then landed with the Bears. The Bears drafted Cedric Benson to replace him, as the team was not really high on him, and then something clicked. He "got it." He's been very good for a lot of years now.

I disliked him in Arizona because of sheer frustration and because he was yet another failed high running back draft pick. 

I am glad for him as a person that he got his career turned around because many never do it, but I dislike that he never "got it" while in the desert. 

Anyone else have this strong dislike for Jones?