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7-7-11: Bird Droppings - Vince Young To Arizona?

Today, we look at a story that says Titans Quarterback Vince Young would be the best fit in Arizona. Also, a look back at Fitz's incredible postseason performance and the biggest blowhards in Arizona Sports history to commemorate the giant dust storm from two days ago.

Arizona Cardinals News:

Former Cardinal wants Vince Young as QB -
While the world waits for the NFL lockout to be over so the Arizona Cardinals can ratchet up their pursuit of Eagles quarterback Kevin Kolb, a former Cardinals player has thrown a new name and quarterback the team should look into acquiring before Kolb. Former Cardinals defensive lineman Bertrand Berry believes Titans quarterback Vince Young would be the best answer for Arizona at quarterback.

Word From the Birds Blog - Revisionist History: Fitz’s magical month
The accomplishments certainly weren’t lost as the Cardinals went on their most exciting month-long journey ever back in the first few weeks of 2009, but I’m not totally sure what Larry Fitzgerald was doing in the playoffs that year could have been completely appreciated given the circumstances. As the wins came and the Super Bowl got closer, talking just about one player didn’t make sense (let’s not get it twisted – Fitz still got plenty of attention over those five weeks of the postseason, and I just thumbed through his clip file if I hadn’t remembered). When you go back and think, however, it almost started innocently against the Falcons.

ESPN's Mel Kiper says Arizona Cardinals have more issues then Quarterback -
The quarterback dilemma of the Arizona Cardinals has been highly reported, yet that is not the only area of concern. ESPN's Mel Kiper acknowledges the Cardinals need a quarterback, yet he also realizes that this team has other, less focused upon needs.

Arizona Sports News:

Top 5 Blowhards in Arizona sports history -
If you live in the greater Phoenix area you probably got to experience quite the dust storm, or as those weather educated meteorologists called it, a haboob (try not to giggle too much). While you watched it create a mess out of your yard and car we doubt you were thinking about how it connected to Arizona sports. That's what we're here for. While we watched the massive cloud of dust blow through the Valley we wondered who in Arizona sports history was like the storm (loud, full of hot air and only around for a brief time). While we pondered the question it came to us, we had to put together the Top 5 Biggest Blowhards In Arizona Sports History.

NFL News:

NFL lockout: Discussions resume as pressure mounts - ESPN
Members of the NFL Players Association executive board and owners resumed negotiations Thursday at a law firm in Manhattan in hopes of resolving a lockout that began in March.

NFL talks wrap for day; pressure mounting - ESPN
Lawyers for the NFL and the players' association wrapped up a second day of negotiations on a new collective bargaining agreement Wednesday and sources say both sides hope to achieve a true framework for a new CBA by the close of business on Friday.

NFL: Mel Kiper's summer look at the NFC West - ESPN Insider
Mel breaks down the offseasons and needs of each NFC West team

NFL: Year of the RB? Hold that thought - ESPN
There are many reasons to believe running backs could thrive in 2011, but they also have plenty working against them, John Clayton writes.

Kiper's summer audits: NFC West - NFC West Blog - ESPN
ESPN's Mel Kiper breaks down the offseasons and needs of each NFC West team in the latest addition to his summer audit series. Kiper examines what teams have done so far this offseason to improve, the areas that still need to be addressed and a player from the 2012 draft class who could help each team in 2011. The article is Insider-only, but here's a peek at Kiper's take on team needs.

Ranking NFC West players: Nos. 6-10 - NFC West Blog - ESPN
Matt Williamson of Scouts Inc. ranks the top 15 players in the NFC West. Today: Nos. 6-10.

Dallas Cowboys WR Roy Williams sues ex-Miss Texas for ring - ESPN Dallas
Williams is suing a former girlfriend whom he proposed to this spring, according to a lawsuit obtained by the Odessa American on June 30. The lawsuit says Williams, a native of Odessa, Texas, is trying to regain possession of a $76,000 engagement ring he sent -- by mail -- to Brooke Daniels, the 2009 Miss Texas USA, whom he dated for nearly a year. Williams also sent Daniels $5,000 for school and dental bills, a baseball for her brother and a taped marriage proposal in February.