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NFC West Roundup: Hungry Rookies, Free Agent Keepers and Promises Broken

Knowing your enemy is of the utmost importance when it comes to sports, especially in the National Football League. Much like every week, we will take a look at what is happening around the NFC West with this week's edition of the NFC West Roundup.


Colin Kaepernick vows to compete for starting job | National Football Post
Colin Kaepernick says he wants to compete for the starting job in San Francisco. This is a good sign coming from a rookie. Hopefully, the Cardinals can capitalize on his inexperience (if he does start) like they did in Sam Bradford's debut game.

Bucs' QB Josh Johnson would love to play for 49ers

Josh Johnson, currently a backup QB behind Josh Freeman in Tampa Bay, says that he would love to go to San Francisco and play for the 49ers. He worked with new 49ers Head Coach Jim Harbaugh at the University of San Diego once upon a time and he wishes to rekindle that relationship with his former teacher.

Rams free agency: The keepers - Turf Show Times

Over at Turf Show Times, VanRam put a list of the free agents that could be leaving the St. Louis Rams, but should be brought back. Some of the higher ranked guys are people like WR Mark Clayton who seemingly formed a good bond with Sam Bradford last year before going down with a season ending injury. Other players include Gary Gibson, Adam Goldberg and tight end Daniel Fells.

 First-round pick for Kolb? Think twice, Seahawks - NFL - Football

Len Pasquarelli from CBS Sports does not think the Seattle Seahawks should part with a first round pick to land Kevin Kolb. He states that they already missed with Charlie Whitehurst and if they miss again on Kolb, it could set the franchise back and severely stunt their growth.

Is Carson Palmer the answer to the Seahawks' QB dilemma? - Blog -

Carson Palmer is a very polarizing figure, but what we do know is that he will not be returning to Cincinnati in order to play for the Bengals. Will owner Mike Brown finally relent and trade him? If so, look for teams like the Seattle Seahawks and our very own Arizona Cardinals to show interest. Many teams would love to employ Palmer, but they might not get the chance due to the stinginess of the Bengals front office.

No promise of payoff for Alex Smith

Alex Smith will be back with the 49ers, this much we know. What we have just discovered is that on the one day that the lockout was lifted, Jim Harbaugh informed Smith that the team may bring in a veteran quarterback to compete for the starting role. Smith claims that he would not be disappointed, but that he would have to work harder due to the increased competition. All I know is that for a guy that is putting in all of this work without a contract in hand; well, let's just say I wouldn't do it.

Hall of Fame Game: Pro Football HOF says Chicago Bears-St. Louis Rams still on track - ESPN

According to Hall of Fame president Steve Perry, the Hall of Fame Game between the St. Louis Rams and the Chicago Bears is still on track despite the lockout. Everyone wants the game, so hurry up and agree on a new CBA already.

 Rams players training with Larry Fitzgerald - Turf Show Times

Larry Fitzgerald's camps up in Minnesota have become renowned around the NFL. He is known for putting on a good camp with everything an athlete could possibly need, including some good competition. Larry is so nice, in fact, that he even lets our division foes attend his workouts. Players such as Laurent Robinson and safety Craig Dahl from the Rams have shown up in the Twin Cities for Larry's camp.

Bears, Rams scheduled to head to camp 2 weeks from today | National Football Post

If it weren't for the lockout, players around the NFL would be heading to training camp in a few weeks. On July 22nd, the Rams and Bears are supposed to begin their camps due to the Hall of Fame Game that would occur on August 7th. It is yet to be seen if they will be able to attend camp, as NFL owners and the NFLPA are still negotiating a new collective bargaining agreement.

Kiper's summer audits: NFC West - NFC West Blog - ESPN

Mel Kiper from ESPN loves to break down players and teams in the NFL. In this link, you can see that he has given a brief synopsis of all of the NFC West teams and what they need in order to become more successful.