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Poll: Which Free Agent ILB Would You Prefer The Arizona Cardinals Target?

For the past week, we have been going over the top 50 free agent list and have looked at the inside linebacker position for potential upgrades to Paris Lenon. While there are pressing needs at quarterback and the offensive line, I think that ILB is an important position to fill to really take the defensive unit up a few notches. Next week we will look at the offensive line possibilities in free agency.

A long while ago, I posed the question about Takeo Spikes, who is getting a little long in the tooth but was still very, very effective. He, though, is not considered a top 50 free agent.

Paul Posluszny was next, a thumper playing in Buffalo.

Kevin Burnett, who shone in 2010 on the San Diego Chargers was featured as well.

The last player featured was Stephen Tulloch, who played MLB in the Tennessee Titans 4-3 scheme.

Now the question is for you -- if the Cardinals were to target one of these players, who would you prefer it be? Sure, they might not target any of them, but we can hope that they address all of the team's needs, right?

If I had to choose, I go with Spikes or "Poz," in any order, followed by Tulloch because I think Burnett is too much like Lenon.

In any case, put your vote in and next week you can look forward to the offensive line, tackles first, then guards probably the week after. Hopefully after that free agency will actually have begun.