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Arizona Cardinals Offering 'Protect The Nest' Plans

One thing we know living in the Phoenix area is that there are an awful lot of Dallas Cowboys and Pittsburgh Steelers fans. While it has gotten better, when those teams come to town to play the Cardinals, the home-field advantage is diminished. In the old Sun Devil Stadium days, the majority of the crowd would be rooting for the Cowboys -- essentially a ninth home game for them.

Now, the Arizona Cardinals have taken measures to protect that home-field advantage. Since both the Cowboys and Steelers come to town this season, the Cardinals are offering "Protect the Nest" plans that require thepurchse of two other tickets, making it less likely that Steelers or Cowboys fans will purchase tickets to watch the game at University of Phoenix Stadium.

To go to the Steelers game on October 23, a three-game package that includes the preseason game against the San Diego Chargers and the home game against the St. Louis Rams.

To see the Cowboys play the Cards on December 4, the other package forces you to purchase a ticket to the Denver preseason game and the season opener against the Carolina Panthers.

These ticket packages go on sale on August 11 at 10 AM AZT.

For those of us who want single-game tickets to these games, it does sort of stink because it is going to cost more money and time (the cheapest packages are $150). However, it does limit the opposing team fans. That is a positive.

If game tickets are what you are looking for, you can check the tickets tab at the top of the page. You can find discount tickets through our ticket partners, TiqIQ.

I personally am ok with the move, but I don't ever really get to go there. So I pose the question to you. Is having a stadium full of Cardinals worth more than having to buy extra tickets?

Let the debate begin.