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ROTB On The Radio Again Previewing The Arizona Cardinals 2011 Season

As the season approaches, radio stations and websites across the nation are looking to cover different teams. In our position here at Revenge of the Birds, we happen to be perhaps the biggest name of the Cardinals blogs. as such, recently, we have had a few media requests. The latest was with the EYES Radio Network and, previewing the season for the Cardinals

A few of you have asked about these interviews. I don't know how often we were asked in the past, but apparently it is a regular thing. The fact that ROTB is the number three google search result after the Cardinals website and wikipedia for "Arizona Cardinals" is likely to be the reason. I say yes every single time I an able. Tyler (formerly the artist user known as RedBirdRevival) grabbed one of them for me. Not always do we get a link or a clip.

This time we did. We discussed the depth chart, Kevin Kolb, Adrian Wilson. I brought up DeMarco Sampson and A.J. Jefferson and the way they have shown up so far. We talked the receiver position and the injuries that have hit the Cardinals.

Again, the link is above the jump. It's about 20 minutes. I'm hoping to rep the site any time I can.