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Arizona Cardinals At Oakland Raiders: Preseason Game No.1 Open Thread (Cont)

Football is officially here! The first preseason game is happening. Kevin Kolb is leading a new hopeful revolution. The Cardinals take their first steps in attempting to reclaim their NFC West title they lost in 2010 to a 7-9Seattle Seahawks team.

The first opponent standing in the way? The Oakland Raiders.


Naturally, it would be silly to read too much into this game. It is the preseason and the starters are not going to play much. Sure, Kolb is going to play more than normal, but that is because he has had a whole week of practice. 

This is the first open thread of the season, so just a few reminders:


  • Here is where foul language is permitted, but please avoid it if possible
  • Still no insulting or attacking people, no insensitive comments about race, religion, sexual orientation, etc.
  • No "trolling," but that doesn't mean any negative comment is someone being a troll. 
  • Nothing pornographic or sexually explicit.

If there is a comment you really like, "rec" it. The top five recommended comments will be featured as the "top comments of the game."

As always, if a thought gets long, FanPost it and share the link in the comments. 

Have fun!