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Arizona Cardinals At Oakland Raiders: 1st Quarter Highlights

The Cardinals trailed the Oakland Raiders 3-0 after the first quarter in their first preseason game. There were some solid plays and a few duds.

Rashad Johnson was flagged for a 50-yard pass interference penalty. Not a good way to show off he can replace Adrian Wilson, even if it was a questionable call.

Kevin Kolb, when flushed out of the pocket, scrambled for a first down.

Kolb hit Larry Fitzgerald for a beautiful 41-yard pass play. Kolb hit the outside shoulder, Fitz caught it one-handed. 

Beanie Wells Showed elusiveness and his patented stiffarm on a run down inside the red zone.

The Cardinals ran four straight running plays inside the five-yard line, and were unable to score. On the bright side, they were trying to run the ball. 

Any future highlights will have been by the reserves as Kolb and Fitzgerald were removed after the first quarter was over. 

Go Cardinals!