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5 Positives From Cardinals/Raiders Preseason Game

Well, the first preseason game ends in a victory for the Arizona Cardinals. It is just the preseason, but winning always feels nice, especially when it comes as a comeback, last minute win. After every game, one feature we will do is look at five positive things that we got out of the game and another post with five negatives, or things that could be improved. 

Today, we begin with the first of the positive posts.

There were actually a lot of positives we could take away, but here are my top five:

Kevin Kolb's and Larry Fitzgeralddeveloping on-field chemistry: The throw that Kolb made to hit Fitz for 43 yards (video in link) was a thing of beauty. Kolb knew he needed to get the ball up and outside. He did. Fitz did what he does and went and got the football. It is that sort of chemistry that was missing a year ago.

A.J. Jefferson's play: Jefferson definitely has come a long way. Being undrafted has been a huge motivating factor. He got beat on one play, but as he told me on Twitter, "in Cover 2, i's hard for me to make that play inside." He responded with a pass breakup. He didn't get any turnovers. The way he is headed right now will certainly get him into the playing rotation and might make him a regular season starter.

Hamza Abdullahs's play: This was a guy I did not see stepping up. He had four total tackles and an unregistered sack (from the Raiders' two-point conversion). He was all over the field. It looks like he wants to take Wilson's time on the field, or at least Rashad Johnson's.

John Skelton's comfort in running the offense: Last season, Skelton looked good...for a fifth-round project quarterback. He was not good. But he looked miles ahead of where he was a year ago. Accuracy was an issue last season. The TV guys (maybe it was postgame on the radio) talked about how he has an accurate arm. I'm not sure about that, but his confidence level definitely better. Don't confuse this with thinking he's ready to be a starter. He's not, but it was nice to see him looking more than a wide-eyed rookie.

Anthony Sherman is just as advertised: He made several really good plays on special teams. He stripped the ball from the kick returner and was in on some stops. He also made some very good blocks while in the offense. When he was drafted, the word was he was a great blocker and special teams player. Bingo! Scouting report nailed. 

Now it is up to you all to tell me if you disagree or whether you have more. Fire away.