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Lee Evans Traded To The Ravens, Cardinals Fans Don't Need to Worry

For a while now, the biggest theme around the needs of the Arizona Cardinals has been finding a suitable number two receiver to stretch the field vertically and complement Larry Fitzgerald. The rumors have traveled. First it was Braylon Edwards, then Malcolm Floyd, then Jerricho Cotchery. From there it brought Randy Moss to the forefront.  Each player found a new home or, in Moss' case, decided to stay home. Then Lee Evans came up as a possibility

However, Evans was traded on Friday to the Baltimore Ravens for a reported fourth round draft pick. Cardinals fans are disappointed once again. But they shouldn't be.

Obviously it has been frustrating for fans to hear name after name come up as being connected to the Cards, only to see them end up elsewhere, but the team was never going to go after a big name for a bunch of money. The reason is because of the young players they already have are doing well and the team believes in them.

If the team was going to get one of these guys, it was going to be on a short-term, relatively inexpensive contract. That never materialized.

It is important to note that the price that Buffalo fetched for Evans was one Arizona never wanted to pay. In 2012, they already are without their second round choice because of the  Kevin Kolb deal. Yes, they are picking up a lateround pick from he Tim Hightower trade, but the Cards likely will not want to part with any more picks. 

Additionally, and this cannot be stressed enough, it is apparent that the coaching staff thinks highly of both Andre Roberts and Early Doucet.  These guys, if they stay healthy, will do just fine. No, they are not a big name, but does that matter?

Remember that teams look more at film for game prep rather than at someone's jersey. Roberts came on strong last season and has had a very good camp. Doucet is just trying get out of camp without injury for the first time in his career. We have already seen what he is capable of. 

So, while the Cardinals were in fact kicking the tires and inquiring about other receivers, just know that they will be satisfied with who the, already have.