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Are The Arizona Cardinals Wise In Relying On Young Receivers Behind Larry Fitzgerald?

With Lee Evans going to the Baltimore Ravens, it seems that the Arizona Cardinals will stand pat at wide receiver. You all know that I am okay with this. In the previous post on the topic, the community seemed to feel that the team should work on improving other areas. writer Darren Urban weighed in on the topic, giving his thoughts on whether going with Andre Roberts or Early Doucet at the number two spot is wise. 

Anyone thinking teams aren't going to double Fitz regardless of No.2 WR is fooling themselves.

Plenty of teams count on young guys at WR. Pack did, Patriots. Plenty of teams have 1 "star" WR.

Here's my final point on WR for now: When Steve Breaston showed up, no one thought much of him. He was No. 2 people were OK with. Not everyone is going to be Fitz and star right away.

Yes, as long as Warner was passing. Q/Fitz w/ McCown, team did nothing. Ppl talk about getting FItz a QB - let's see what Roberts does with a QB too "RT @Aloha711: @Cardschatter Cards were much better w/ Anquan @ #2, & that's a fact Jack."

It seemed that Urban was a little annoyed at the constant questions he was getting on the topic. 

He does raise some valid points. If Kolb is who we hope he is, I don't think who the number two receiver will matter. The team will get production. However, there is the fear that Roberts will look more like he did at the start of last season. 

I am fine with who the team has. Roberts needs to do that. So does Doucet. So does Stephen Williams. 

As long as Roberts shows reliable hands, decent route running and the ability to get separation once in a while down the field, he will be more than all right for the team. 

Are you concerned about the personnel at the position? Is there a player available that is better than Roberts? If so, is he worth giving something up for? 

It is your turn to give your thoughts.