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Surprise! (Not Really) Larry Fitzgerald Will Not Have Franchise Tag

With Kevin Kolb in the fold for the Arizona Cardinals, many felt that a contract extension for receiver Larry Fitzgerald would be not far behind. It hasn't happened yet, but they are in talks. The story has finally hit the national level, and one tidbit about Fitzgerald's contract has gotten some attention.

Adam Schefter tweeted that the Cardinals will be unable to place the franchise tag on Fitz after this season if a new deal is not yet in place. He would then become a free agent.

Of course, for a great deal of Cardinals fans, this was not new. It was a detail about his contract that was made known to the Phoenix area when the last deal in 2008 was in place.

Fitz had all the leverage before and still does. Last time around, he was set for a salary cap number around $17 million as part of the last year of his rookie deal. He parlayed that into a four-year, $40 million deal, which brings us to the current situation.

In addition to the clause that prohibits the use of the franchise tag, Fitz also has a no-trade clause. Again, another detail that most Cardinals fans knew at some point in the past.

Are these huge obstacles? Not really. The Cardinals knew these clauses were in there. The deal will still get done. It will probably happen before the regular season begins, but if not, he will not become a free agent. The Cardinals will get him re-signed before that happens.

And I am willing to bet something else...those same clauses will exist in his next deal too.