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NFL Rumor: Larry Fitzgerald To Sign Contract Extension Soon

In what could be considered the best news or at least co-best news of the offseason and preseason, it is being reported that Larry Fitzgerald will be signing a contract extension with the Arizona Cardinals in the next 10 days. Cardinals fans everywhere can breathe a sigh of relief because the team's biggest star in its history will be with the team for a while longer.

The report, tweeted by Rich Smith of ALLSportsINTEL, coincides with what Kent Somers has said that negotiations were going well.

The rumored terms are that Fitz will be paid in the range of $12-13 million per year for either three or four years.

What this does is keep pressure on the Cardinals to remain competitive in the long-term, see if Kevin Kolb works out and it also will make him a free agent again by age 32. He will then be able to cash in again for another lucrative contract or extension, making four very good deals for his career.

Talk about maximizing your worth.

It is a great play by Fitz and his team. He makes good on his statement that he wants to remain an Arizona Cardinal, but he maintains his leverage with the team because he also has made it clear that what he wants to do more than anything is win. If the Cardinals stay in the rut they fell back into during the 2010 season, he will still have potentially several productive seasons left.

Naturally, this is just rumor from a guy who says he has sources, Things could still fall through, but it sounds like exactly the type of contract that was going to happen.

Hopefully it is proved true. It will provide a few years of peace of mind for Cardinals fans and the Cardinals front office and coaching staff. Fitz makes everything easier.