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Dan Williams Working Hard To Get In Shape

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The NFL lockout was not good for Dan Williams. In his words, "I'll be the first one to say, I didn't work out like a John Lott workout." He showed up the training camp a few pounds overweight, weighing in at 334, when his 2010 playing weight was 327. That doesn't seem a like a lot, but it was noticeable. 

Let's not confuse Williams' situation with the one Deuce Lutui finds himself in, but nonetheless it is one worth noting.

Players that were on the team before on the defensive line who had issues with their weight were Alan Branch and Gabe Watson. Neither is on the team. It is one thing that Ken Whisenhunt and his coaching staff are very adamant about -- playing leaner. 

"I know what happened in the past with guys who told them they were going to do it and then not do it," Williams said. "I know what comes with it. I messed up and it won't happen again."

This is good. Williams showed flashes of being a very, very good player last season. He has shown it as well in camp. He just has had conditioning issues, which are exacerbated with the elevation of Flagstaff. 

The Cardinals are banking on Williams. With the current personnel, there is not another true nose tackle. Rookie David Carter has been playing behind him, he was an end in college. 

Will Williams his conditioning to where it should be? Are you worried about Williams and his weight? Or is it really nothing at all? Make sure to chime in...