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NFL Preseason Week 2: Arizona Cardinals/Green Bay Packers Open Thread (Cont)

Its halftime now, and the Cardinals are down 14-6 against the Defending Super Bowl champion Packers. Kevin Kolb had a decent night going 6 of 11 for 80 yards, although he missed Fitz on a couple of deep throws. He did have a nice screen play to Beanie Wells taken away by an illegal motion penalty too. The first team defense looked solid as well racking up a couple of sacks on Rodgers, but once the backups came out that Packers started moving the ball down the field and they scored on their last two drives.

This is just a preseason game, but the starters have shown some things to be happy about.

Enjoy the rest of the game.

Some reminders...

1. Don't attack members.

2. 'Rec' comments you like. Everyone likes to see their comment go green. Also, the most 'rec'd' comments can get featured in a postgame post.

Enjoy the game. Turn on Twitter, too.