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Arizona Cardinals Fantasy Football Preview

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Hopefully you have signed up for the official Revenge of the Birds fantasy leagues. There are two. It is free and it will be fun. It will be my first time as well.

With fantasy drafts coming up in the weeks to come, it is important to start looking over lists of players. Although it is not generally the best idea to look too much on your own favorite team for fantasy points, let us take a look at the possibility.

Naturally, Larry Fitzgerald will be a big draw. In fact, after a down fantasy year (only six TDs), he may be a decent pickup. He will have a new quarterback throwing him the ball, someone who will be a huge upgrade from Derek Anderson, John Skelton and Max Hall.

Kevin Kolb is another player to consider. He is a wild card of sorts because he doesn't have many games  under his belt, but he will be the starter and will be throwing to Fitz. Good things are bound to happen, especially if the pass-happy Arizona offense remains the same in philosophy.

After the trade of Tim Hightower, Beanie Wells is set to become more of a number one back. Rookie Ryan Williams will be in the mix, but we know how Ken Whisenhunt does not like to player rookies too much. Look for Wells to carry the load, which means his value has gone up.

The addition of Todd Heap to the Cardinals might entice some players to select him. However, until we see the Cardinals utilize him, it may be wise to wait on selecting him. The Cardinals just have not had the track record of using TEs effectively.

The Cardinals defense was solid in turnovers and scoring a year ago, but gave up a lot of big plays and did not sack the quarterback much. This will be improved. Ray Horton plans on blitzing the quarterback a lot, so the sack count should improve. The turnovers are hard to count on, but much of the personnel remains intact.

For special teams, who can forget Jay Feely, He scored a touchdown! He is going to get you points. He doesn't miss a lot.