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Talking Cardinals, Kevin Kolb and Roster Moves On Internet Radio

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Monday morning I got an email asking me to be a guest on an internet radio show for TPN Sports. Turns out they wanted me to go on that morning. Could be I missed an email or something before. Anyway, I went on to talk Cardinals football. Since it was about a half hour after I got up this morning, I hope I made sense. 

After the jump is the video:

Among the topics of conversation was Kevin Kolb and your reaction to the trade as a community. We went over the flurry of surprising moves on Sunday and the number two receiver position. I went over my thoughts on how I think the offense will look formation-wise and made my prediction for how the team will do. 

To those who think that the Cardinals will be among the bottom five teams in the league, you must be out of your mind. The team was average quarterback play from the playoffs last year. They have addressed needs, they have more depth and they have a weak schedule (muchas gracias NFC West for being bad).

You get my thoughts, go ahead and fire away with yours.