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Derek Anderson To Panthers: It's Not Funny (But Let's Make It That Way)

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This is a post that the community needs every once in a while. With training camp and free agency, there has been so much football to talk about, and it has been all serious football talk. To make things a little lighter, let us take a look at the latest report regarding a former Arizona Cardinals player -- quarterback Derek Anderson closing in on a deal with the Carolina Panthers

Obviously, he was disappointing here. He would tell you the same thing. 

Now, i have stated it before, I feel bad for how things went last year. He had an impossible task being the guy after Kurt Warner. He provided stomach aches and also some entertainment. 

Now he is about to join a young quarterback corp of Jimmy Clausen and Cam Newton.

I will refrain from the jokes because I don't find what he has gone through very funny, but I know I am in the minority.

So now I shall provide you with the forum in which you can come up with the best quips regarding the Anderson situation.

Much like the Caption This! posts, if you vote by recommending  the comments. 

Go for it!