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Gamethread Highlights: Preseason Week Two

We mentioned this last week, but there wound up not being enough rec'd comments for this feature to return. But last night, there were a few good ones that I can paste in here. Now keep in mind, what we are looking for here is just amusing comments of any kind, so next week if anything funny pops up make it green.

Overall, 846 comments were posted last night (I tired to use the Roll Call app from AZSnakepit to count up all the comments and show how many each person had, but it isn't working right now).

Here are the comments:

In response to a post from the 49ers Blog where Alex Smith was listed as the 20th best QB in the NFL, and Kevin Kolb was the 26th best.

In response to a picture of Larry Fitzgerald picking up Clay Matthews

Carry him back to AZ, Larry!

by tw3kr on Aug 19, 2011 4:33 PM MST up reply actions 5 recs

A little song after ANOTHER penalty on Levi Brown

After Larry made another one handed grab that made jaws drop

Looks like we are going to see plenty of references to the current scandal with Da U every time Campbell makes a big play.

Doublebanger following one of the backups of the backups getting smoked for a 97 yard TD pass.

Thats it for this week. And remember, if anything funny pops up in the gamethreads, pictures, funny comments, links to youtube videos... Rec it, and it could wind up in here the next day.

Keep in mind that I will only post comments that turn green as well. All of the comments that I was posting when I did this last year almost drove me mad.