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Larry Fitzgerald To Sign A Contract Extension With The Arizona Cardinals

While Cardinals fans are still shaken up over the loss of rookie running back Ryan Williams, a little bit of news hit the airwaves today. Larry Fitzgerald, the Cardinals star wide receiver, will sign a record setting 8-year $120 million extension.

ESPN Insider Adam Schefter is reporting that not only will Fitzgerald become the highest paid wide receiver in NFL history, but he will also receive somewhere around $50 million guaranteed with his new contract. 


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Larry Fitzgerald will now be a Cardinal until around the age of 36, which would presumably allow him to be a part of the bird gang for the rest of his career.

Many assumed that he would sign a 3 to 4 year deal, allowing him to weigh his options and possibly obtain another contract at the age of 31. Signing a shorter deal would also have allowed him to see to it that the team remain competitive. Cardinals fans should certainly be happy that he is locked up long term, as he is the best player the team has ever had. 

So congratulations on your new deal, Larry! We look forward to seeing you make marvelous plays for the next 8 years while donning Cardinal red.