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Are The Arizona Cardinals Paying Larry Fitzgerald Too Much?

With the announcement of the new eight-year contract for Larry Fitzgerald, our community has been largely overjoyed and supportive. The Arizona Cardinals can wrap up the offseason as a success. They got their QB, they locked up Fitzgerald and they addressed other needs on the team.

But at an average of $15 million per year, is that too much money for a wide receiver, even if he is the best in the league at his position?

I say no.

True, he is getting paid elite quarterback money. However, we know salaries will go up and that someone else is going to end up getting paid more. That is the nature of the beast with contracts.

Fitz also had the leverage in negotiations. He wanted $15 million per year. That his was price tag, the team wanted to keep him, so that is the way it had to be.

While other receivers have put up great numbers during the regular season, Fitzgerald is still on a level that is uniquely his. That level includes the postseason.

Fitz also is the face of the franchise. You think Cardinals you think Fitz.

Basically, it was expensive, but it should be worth it. Losing Fitzgerald after this season would have caused riots.