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Could The Arizona Cardinals Have Any Interest In Players Entering The NFL Supplemental Draft?

Today at 1 PM EST, the NFL will commence in it's annual supplemental draft. This is a time where teams are able to select players that were either ineligible to return to college, unable to enter the NFL draft or simply decided they did not want to return to school and would rather see if they can make it at the next level.

There are six players listed as eligible for the NFL Supplemental Draft, one of whom the Arizona Cardinals may take a look at.

First of all, let's make something clear about this draft. If a team decides to select a player in a certain round (there are seven rounds, just like the regular NFL draft), then that club is forced to surrender the equivalent pick for the next year's draft. For example: If Terrelle Pryor is selected in the third round by the Cardinals, Arizona will no longer have a 3rd round pick in 2012.

Here is the list of the six players entering tomorrow's draft:

Torez Jones


Western Carolina

Caleb King



Keenan Mace



Mike McAdoo


North Carolina

Terrelle Pryor


Ohio State

Tracy Wilson


Northern Illinois

Obviously, the flashy and media-hyped name on here is Terrelle Pryor, the quarterback that was caught up in all of the controversy at Ohio State. The Cardinals will probably show no interest in him, so he really does not concern us.

A player that caught my eye was Caleb King. He decided to enter the supplemental draft due to off-field issues and academic problems. Here is a little background about King from Mocking the Draft. As you can see, he is thought of as a tailback that has a lot of talent and tons of potential, but he is not expected to command a high draft pick.

With the loss of rookie runner, Ryan Williams, is it possible that the Arizona Cardinals could take a look at King? My guess would be no. Unless he falls to the very end of the draft, Arizona will want to keep every draft pick it has for next season. Remember, the Cardinals will be without a second-round pick that was given up in the Kevin Kolb trade.

I look for Arizona to pick up either a veteran or a player that will be cut from their current roster. I have heard many of you express interest in Tashard Choice from the Dallas Cowboys, who could be an option for Arizona. Also, do not rule out the possibility of Alfonso Smith being the complimentary back to Beanie Wells. The team has a lot of faith in him and can only hope that he takes the number two job.

With Wells, Smith and LaRod Stephens-Howling all in the picture, I highly doubt Arizona uses a draft pick to get a player that would require a long term deal when drafted. If they bring someone in, look for them to sign a one-year contract that would expire just in time for Ryan Williams' return.

Now I pose the question to you: Should Arizona select Caleb King (or anyone else) in the NFL Supplemental Draft?