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Tiki Barber Not Coming To AZ, But One Writer Thinks He Would Be Good Fit

With the season-ending injury to Ryan Williams, many believe and/or hope that the Arizona Cardinals will sign a veteran running back to back up Beanie Wells. As of now, it looks like Alfonso Smith is the guy to take over for Williams and that Wells will get the lion's share of the carries this season.

However, there are a few veteran running backs out there that many think could be a good fit here in the desert. One in particular name has been mostly brought up as a joke. That guy Tiki Barber, who is a few years removed from his retirement, but has decided to make a comeback.

I don't think a single Twitter follower or community member has ever brought him up as a viable candidate other than in jokes. However, Peter King of, seems to think that Barber would be worth at least a look by teams like the Cardinals. 

Here is what he wrote:

t's as big a blow to the team. A month ago, the Cards had a stable of three runners plus a change-of-pace back in LaRod Stephens-Howling. Now Alfonso Smith, a 2010 free agent from Kentucky, is the nominal backup to Wells. This is a perfect spot for a look at Tiki Barber. Not necessarily a signing of Barber; a look. But GM Rod Graves told Barber's agent, Mark Lepselter, Saturday the Cards were looking in a different direction.

I just don't get why a team desperate for an experienced back wouldn't look at him. It can't do any harm to work him out. I realize there are some teams who need spare running backs to also play special teams. But teams like Arizona, Detroit and Tampa Bay have enough youth all over their roster to take on a veteran back and make him a runner only.

King does make a point, but the bigger question is this -- who would anyone pay attention. He has been out of football for some time. He doesn't play special teams. 

I can get what he is saying, but come on. Tiki is done. At one time he was great. But that was years ago.

Thankfully, the Cardinals front office already has made it certain that Barber will not be brought in even for a workout. The team is in no rush to bring a guy in. It makes sense because the guys whose names are found elsewhere on available running backs is nothing short of underwhelming. 

If the Cardinals get a more veteran guy, it likely will not be until final cuts are made by the teams around the league. That is when the more quality guys will be around.

So, no worries. Tiki will not be here. But what if he did come? How would you react as a fan if Tiki Barber were Ryan Williams' replacement? Would you laugh, cry, or what?