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Calais Campbell And Adrian Wilson Round Out Cardinals In Top 200 Players

As noted in posts earlier today, Larry Fitzgerald and Darnell Dockett were ranked among the Top 200 list by Scouts, Inc. There are two other Arizona Cardinals players that made the list, both who had disappointing 2010 campaigns. Those players are safety Adrian Wilson and defensive lineman Calais Campbell.

Campbell was primed for a huge 2010 season, but only managed six sacks, which did lead the team. Even still, the talent is there. Here is his bio blurb, where he is ranked 168th overall:

Campbell has excellent dimensions for the position with rare height, arm length and good strength. He shows better initial quickness and acceleration off the edge than you'd expect for a tall defensive end, but he needs to work on developing more countermoves.

He is starting to recognize blocking schemes and feel pressure, and he will fight through the pressure to work his way to the ball. He has to work hard to keep his pad level down to leverage blocks and has a tendency to get tall as he tries to locate the level of the ball, which causes him to provide a big blocking surface for opponents.

Campbell is still developing his techniques and reading skills, but has a ton of potential.

Wilson was voted by fellow players as a Top 100 player for 2011. He does not get such a distinction by the analysts of Scouts. He is just a few spots behind Campbell at number 172. His section says this:

Wilson is a big, powerful safety who is more effective the closer he lines up to the line of scrimmage. He is quick to diagnose and pull the trigger and quick to locate the level of the ball.

He is aggressive on run support and will attack the lead blocker and squeeze the play down as he fills. He is a strong, secure tackler who can roll his hips on contact and drive the ball carrier backward after initial contact. He will show decent range over the top but does not show great route recognition in zone and looks a bit stiff when trying to mirror tight ends or running backs out of the backfield.

With his bicep tendon tear, it is unknown how soon he will return, but he is beginning to practice and is determined to make it healthy and safe for the season opener at home against Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers

These two guys were the last of the Cardinals to make the list. Do you think there should have been anyone else on the team to make the list. Kerry Rhodes? Levi Brown? (I know, you almost threw up. It was a joke.) Explain your thoughts. 

Take a look at the list (if you are an ESPN Insider). Is there anyone missing or a clear mistake to have a player on the list? The floor (forum) is now yours.