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Max Hall Waived By The Arizona Cardinals: What's Next?

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It was announced earlier today that the Cardinals signed Brodie Croyle as a replacement quarterback for the injured John Skelton and Max HallNews has come out that Hall has now been waived by the team after sustaining a dislocated shoulder during last Monday's practice. 

Many saw Richard Bartel overtaking Hall's place as the third string quarterback for the Cardinals anyways, so where will Hall land now?

It is highly doubtful that Max Hall will see anymore time in a Cardinals uniform. Yes, the team waived him, which means this can go one of two ways. First, Max Hall will be placed on the waived-injured list where another team will be able to sign him if they so choose.

The new team would know in advance that Hall is 'damaged goods' right now and would take the risk of signing him in his current state. If no team were to sign him, Arizona could retain Hall and put him on the injured reserve list. 

The other option that the Cardinals are most likely to take is in the form of an injury settlement. Until Mad Max is healed, Arizona must continue to pay him until his shoulder is reevaluated and he is cleared to play. The team will most likely offer Hall a lump sum that he could take as a parting gift. Once they pay Hall what the damages would cost, the team would more than likely release him all together. 

It sounds like Hall's days in Glendale are numbered, but maybe another team will see some potential in him and pick him up. Either way, thanks for giving us something to cheer about for a few games last season, Max. 


Also of news: The team cut tackle Jake Vermiglio and added punter Dave Zatudil. I doubt Zastudil would take the place of Ben Graham on the roster, but I think the team is looking for a little competition at that position.